I apologize for not updating the site for a while, I am going to try to make it a priority to update with new drills, plays, and basketball tips for the rest of the year.

Today’s drill is one that I put in this summer as a daily warm-up for our players. We used to always start with 3-man weave, but rarely does that ever occur in a game. So I started looking at what our emphasis’ are and using that as our warm-up; our emphasis this summer was getting the ball up the court quicker. I love this drill because it works on rebounding, footwork, handling, shooting, finishing, and communicating.

Put a line at each side FT-line extended and a line at each FT-line. You will need two balls on each end to start. First player throws a self-pass off the backboard, rebounds, pivots outside, and throws an overhead pass to the wing/outlet (BOTH PLAYERS MUST COMMUNICATE). On the catch, the outlet takes 1-2 advance dribbles to get a strong chest pass up the floor to the wing. On the first round, the player catches and takes a one dribble rip downhill for a jumper. Same action happens on the other side simultaneously (I illustrated taking a cross-step one-dribble middle J on that side). Follow and fill the line you pass to.

After the first two players on each end start the drill, it now becomes a Live rebounding drill. On the shot, the next rebounders in line but get active feet and hands and try to rebound any misses or makes before they hit the floor (repeating the drill).

-Mix up your shots/finishes/angles.
-Make it a PRIORITY to go game speed and COMMUNICATE

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