Make/Miss & Move 3-Point Shooting Drill

I am currently in the process of helping one of our players overhaul their shooting form. On week three, we moved back to the 3-point line and started pieces together the form at range. As a test to measure where we were, we did the drill below to see how long, or how many shots, it would take to complete the drill.

Once the player can progress all the way around the perimeter with consistency, make multiple (2+) trips around the arc.

In the middle of a shot transformation, I do not incorporate the half-court sprint. That is a conditioning piece to incorporate into a live player workout.

You can also incorporate mid-range and 1-dribble mid-range jumpers into this drill.


2 thoughts on “Make/Miss & Move 3-Point Shooting Drill

    1. Going very well, ahead of schedule. Still trying to get consistent from range. Will do shots off dribble at half speed. Goal is to get form consistent on catch & shoot and stationary dribbles. Will move to full speed once range is consistent.

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