Circle Movement Pound Shooting

Anytime I run a group player development session with our players, I always incorporate parts of the drill into our Read & React Offense. This drill gets in several components: Ball-handling, passing, catch & shoot, moves on the dribble, and reading/reacting.

The player on the wing is not allowed to slide down until the middle player moves downhill on the 4th dribble. Here are the series of shots/moves:

  1. Mid-range catch & shoot
  2. Rip 1-dribble baseline jumper
  3. Knee-Knee Rip (baseline fake) to 1-dribble middle jumper
  4. 3-point catch & shoot

Advanced series

  1. Shot fake-Slide step (dribble) 3-pointer
  2. 1 attack dribble / Same foot step-back / Same foot stop (Jumpers)
  3. 1 attack dribble / Step-back
  4. Lunge pull back jumpers
  5. Behind the back stop jumpers
  6. Between the legs stop jumpers
  7. Behind the back shift hop jumpers
  8. Between the legs shift hop jumpers


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