Continuous Curls and Fades Shooting Drill

A simple pin-down drill is one of my favorites that I use all of the time. As the season is inching closer conditioning starts slowly progressing to higher levels in the workouts. One great way I do that is by having a player cover more space in a continuous fashion until the desired goal is met.

The drill below can be as simple or complex as you want to make it – or your players can handle. Here are some moves to incorporate at each catch. For example, I would start with mid-range catch & shoots on both shots until the player makes 6 (or 8) without missing two in a row.

Also mix up your finishes: Shots, Floaters, Runners

  1. Mid-range catch & shoot
  2. 3-pointer catch & shoot
  3. 1 dribble push-out (to space) – A player should be able to reach the nail in one dribble from the wing.
  4. Knee or Chest Rip Through- 1 dribble jumper
  5. Shot Fake – Knee or Chest Rip Series
  6. Curl – Bump Off
  7. Knee or Chest Rip Through – Bump Off
  8. Curl – 1 dribble Step-Back / Same Foot Stop / Same Foot Step-Back

If you don’t have three players or want to incorporate more conditioning, have the shooter get their own rebound; any misses must be put back. If you really like this drill, turn it into a tight pin-down so the player starts under the rim.


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