Team Player Development On-Court Workout 7/28/2015

Going into today’s workout I was expecting about 6-8 guys, I was pleasantly surprised to have 12 guys show up for the workout so I had to quickly change my plan to keep the guys engaged throughout the workout. We went a little over an hour and the players were gassed by the end.

**I usually don’t include this but will for any new readers…I gauge water breaks on the player’s body language and wind. I also incorporate free-throws throughout the workout in between drills based on the flow of the workout.

Dynamic Ball-Handling Warm-Up

One aspect I have started incorporating more into my workouts is a dynamic warm-up of different varieties to get the players loose and create a light lather before starting the workout.

Today we did some full court dynamic ball-handling. The players performed the following exercises to the volleyball spike line (2nd line) then started accelerating so the 3rd to 4th line was always a sprint. The players pounded the ball as hard as they could during the stretch/exercise phase.

Spend approximately five minutes getting the players loose while also working on wrist/hand control with the hard pounds.


Circle Movement Shooting

Players at the top of the key perform a self-pass and rip through dribble with the outside hand and make an (outside) 1 hand pass to the shooter who is moving to the corner. I really believe in improving players’ ability to make strong and on target 1-handed passes.

On the catch, the player performs a 1 dribble baseline jumper. The next set the player performs a quick shoulder/2 inch jab baseline before taking 1 dribble middle for a jumper.

Perform on both sides.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 9.04.19 AM

Closeout Push-Step Shooting

1st player(s) in line start without a ball. They make a 2 step closeout to the wing (you can use a cone or chair as point of reference if you want). After closing out, the player performs an explosive push-step towards half-court simulating cutting off a middle drive.

The player then curls for a pass from the next player in line. The passer then closes out and the drill repeats.

-Catch & Shoot

Push-Step Shooting

Elbow Closeout-Slide Shooting

Players start on the baseline and take two long steps and break down to an elbow closeout. After coming to a choppy stop, players perform an explosive push-step and then 3 slides (should take them outside the arc and bigger players to the sideline).

Immediately push off and curl for a shot. The pass must be on time and on target from the next player in line. The passer then closes out to the shooter and the drill continues.

**Make sure the players closing out to shooters do not closeout under shooters’ feet.


Transition Draft Drives

Series 1 (Frame 1)– Players start at half-court (as we advance closer to the season the line will move further back) and take one advance dribble before passing ahead to the wing. The player on the wing will then drive left off the back of the cutter and severing the angle off the hip/top foot of the coach playing token defense, for an elbow jumper. As soon as the cutter (passer) cleared they are coming back to the wing as the next attacker; the line at half-court must pay attention as the drill moves quickly.

**As the players start to catch the ball, have their hips and feet pointing to the rim so they can peek first and attack quicker.

Series 2 (Frame 2)– Same set-up and action as in Frame 1. This time after attacking the elbow, we put a secondary defender in which the players had to change between the legs and finish with a floater or jump shot outside the paint.


Full-Court Handle & Finish

Today we had to workout some volleyball nets so I used them to our advantage to get some conditioning, ball-handling, and finishing work in.

Players started FT-line extended with a combination of any 5 stationary moves they wanted as long as they were hard pounds. On the fifth, they sprinted out and attacked the volleyball standard (poll) and performed an inside-out. Attacking right off the poll, the players extended out and finished at the rim in as few dribbles as possible. If the players failed to keep the ball on their outside shoulder I attempted to knock it out…players who performed it correctly I would give them a light tap to provide an uncomfortable feeling. Here are the finishing moves we did:

Right Side
1. Right hand lay-up
2. Stride between the legs at the 3-point line to a right foot/right hand reverse lay-up.

Left Side
1. Left hand lay-up
2. Stride between the legs at the 3-point line to a quick stop Westbrook inside the elbow jumper.


5 Spot Shooting

We finished off the workout with some 5 spot stationary shooting. Each player had to make five mid-range and two 3-pointers at each of the five spots.

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