Team Player Development On-Court Workout 7/24/2015

Today’s workout consisted of 10 players and took about 1:20 to complete. I prefer to stay under and hour but if guys are not making shots the workouts go a bit over.

Dynamic Ball-Handling Warm-Up

One aspect I have started incorporating more into my workouts is a dynamic warm-up of different varieties to get my players loose and create a light lather before starting the workout.

Today we did some full court dynamic ball-handling. The players performed the following exercises to the volleyball spike line (2nd line) then started accelerating so the 3rd to 4th line was always a sprint. The players pounded the ball as hard as they could during the stretch/exercise phase.

1. Walking Lunges (FWD) – Alternating legs – Dribble the ball between the legs before switching the lunge.

2. Walking Lunges (BKWD) – Repeat ‘1″

3. High Knees (FWD) – Right Hand – Keeping the ball at waist level

4. Butt Kicks (BKWD) – Left Hand – Keeping the ball at waist level

5. Side to Side Rocks – Players started facing the (bottom) sideline and pound knee dribbled as they rocked back and forth side to side lunging. After 8 seconds, coach yells “Go” and they start slide dribbling to the spike line before turning and sprint dribbling out.

6. Side to Side Rocks – Same as above, players facing same sideline, now repeat left-handed.


Continuous 1-on-1 Zig Zag

This is a drill I got from the LA Lakers’ training camp last week. Typically each player stays on defense for 1:30, but today each player only guarded for :45.

Goal is to get chest stops and turn the offense. Defenders hands must stay back, no deflections or steals.


Mid-Range Move & Shoot

Using 5 “areas” on the floor we did this quick move & shoot drill to get the body moving and into a shooting rhythm. From each of the 5 areas on the floor we had to make 5.

Goal: Make five from all 5 areas.


Mid-Range Move & Shoot (1 Dribble Push-Out)

Same spacing and concept as above, but this time the players started around the 3-point line and performed a push-out 1 dribble into the shot.

Goal: Make five from all 5 areas.

Defensive Rotation Shooting

This is a drill that gets our players to practice our Read & React rotations on two penetrations; in addition to defensive rotations and live 1-on-1.

As soon as the wing player puts the ball on the floor (1), that is the baseline rotations guy signal to sprint outside the paint. We aren’t trying to take charges, just be interference to make it a more difficult corner pass. (Work on outside hand passes with a jump stop – not flying out-of-bounds).

As soon as the pass is made, it is now a live 1-on-1 drill. The passer can use any technique they want but must get open at the elbow (if they aren’t open with enough space they didn’t do their job and don’t get a pass/shot). Goal is to teach players how to fight and get open.

Work both sides the floor.


Transition Fades Shooting

As the players plant to fade, teach to get their chin on the inside shoulder to find the ball. We performed three different series in this drill today. It is important to teach proper footwork before the catch with a loaded body for a quicker and more efficient shot. Players always alternate the side opposite of the player in front of them.

Series 1: Catch and 1 push-out dribble baseline, jumper. First to 10 wins

Series 2: Catch and shoulder rip/fake baseline, 1 push-out dribble baseline, jumper. First to 10 wins

Series 3: Catch and shoot 3’s. Any long 2’s or travels do not count. First to 6 wins


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