Zone Offense Quick Hitter – Skip

On average I spend approximately an hour a day looking through notes or videos looking for ideas to become a more effective coach. This morning I was watching a zone offense video with Jamie Dixon and this zone offense concept came to mind. It is not an action that he displayed, but the spacing got my wheels turning for ideas. I have no seen or run the option below Live, but is a concept I am going to tinker with moving into this season.

At the high school level, I have found that if you can get the bottom guard/forward to come out and stay on the wing, the options for attacking the weak side open up a lot more. It is key in attacking any zone to create triangles with your offense and force the defense to make decisions. In Frame 2 below, there are three triangles.

1’s initial job is to make a hard scoring cut to the mid-post and get x2 to play on the top side. The second that 4 starts to move towards the rim, 1 starts diving to make x5 make a decision. 5 sneaks in behind and hits x3 with a screen as 4 moves to the hole in the defense. As long as 5 sets a great screen, x3 will be taken out of the play and the only read 3 must make is x1 (did he drop or stay).


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