Read & React Combo Shooting Drill (Hammer – Curls)

This Read & React shooting drill will allow you to practice game-like shots out of circle movement. This drill is better in a group/team setting as it creates continuous movement. A few things to emphasize:

  1. 1 must perform a quick-stop and not charge (into the defense).
  2. The pass from 1 to 2 cannot be a chest pass. Remind your players there will be defenders in the paint and to make game-like passes.
  3. After 1 passes, it is a quick plant and go cut. Emphasize dropping the inside shoulder and sinking the hips for a quicker and more efficient square-up on the catch.
    1. Some players will not completely square/turn in one motion. Instead, their free foot will stop about halfway through the pivot (Inside the top of key arc in this example) and then they complete a 2nd pivot. This is too slow and will allow the defense to recover.
  4. As the drill progresses, players in the 2 spot will get lazy and just stand in the corner. Don’t allow that to happen, enforce the corner drift on baseline penetration.

The gray lines indicate the rotations of lines.


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