Transition Fades Shooting Drill

This is a great shooting drill that works on passing, footwork and shots in transition. As the players start fading to the wing, their chins should be on the inside shoulder locating the ball as it is passed. There are a ton of different types of shots/finishes you can practice out of this one drill, here are a few:

  • Catch & Shoot
  • Shot Fake Rips & Push-Outs
    • 1 dribble jumpers
    • Step-backs
    • Step-back crossovers
    • Floaters / Runners
    • Rim finishes
  • Catch & Rips / Push-Outs
    • Same shots as above

Use your imagination and let your players become playmakers.

**If you are going to incorporate rim finishes, have one line finish at the rim and the other perform jump shots to prevent any collisions in the paint.


Here is some video of the drill to give you an idea of how the drill works.

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