Blitz Pick and Roll Reads Drill

I have been asked quite a bit recent for some new drills and I want to apologize for not sharing any lately. Now that We are in the Summer months I am going to do my best to ramp back up with some new drills for everyone.

Today’s drill is based on of some concepts that Drew Hanlen went over last Sunday night during his online webinar discussing pick & roll reads. I think many times players get boggled down with too much information and are not able to become playmakers. This drill will help teach your players how to attack a blitzing defense with three simple concepts:

  1. Reject
  2. Quick Evade
  3. Split

Something I learned from PGC’s Tyler Coston last month is to encourage your ball-handlers to ALWAYS reject the 1st pick set in a game. This will set the tone offensively and force the defense to start respecting the playmaking abilities of your handler.

Once your players can perfect the moves without defense, add in a defender on the ball and the big and make the drills Live. Force the offense to become decision-makers.

Before you put this drill into your practice plan this Summer, ask yourself these important questions:

  1. Are pick & rolls part of our offensive philosophy? Your drills must me applicable to your philosophy.
  2. If they are, are my players skilled enough to efficiently make these reads in pick & roll situations and turn them into positive plays?

As the pick & roll has trickled down from the NBA ranks and into the high school game, I would argue that man teams are running them because it’s the popular thing to do (instead of basing their offense on personnel). This upcoming season our team is actually going away from ballscreens because our players are better at playmaking in space versus bringing a 2nd defender into play.


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  1. I’m a big fan of Drew’s. Where can I find a listing of his webinars?

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