Celtics Standards of Excellence

Several years ago I was given a handout that included the Boston Celtics Standards of Excellence. I think that it is vital for any great program to have a set of Standards. Many teams establish “rules”. However, rules by definition regulate what is and what isn’t allowed in a set of circumstances; much of which are broken. For example, in the game of basketball you must dribble when you move with the ball, it’s a rule. Yet that rule is broken every game.

Standards are a foundation that are far superior to rules. Standards are guidelines to live by and hold each other accountable for.

    1. PROFESSIONALISM: We will commit to always conducting ourselves in a 1st class manner on and off the court every day of the year; this is a 24 hour-7 days/week commitment; we understand there is a difference between being in the pros and being a professional!
    2. NO PERSONAL AGENDAS: We will commit to one agenda and one agenda only; that agenda will be doing whatever we are called on to do in order to help this team win a championship; our personal gains or situations will never come into play.
    3. PROFESSIONAL & RESPECTFUL COMMUNICATION: We will commit to listening to the “what” and not the “how”; but will always be aware of how we are sending the message; let it be teammate to teammate and delivered with respect!
    4. THINK OF THE NOW ONLY: We will commit to making sure everything we do is for the betterment of THIS TEAM-THIS YEAR; our personal situations will take a back seat to the team commitment!
    5. ONE WAY: We will commit to teaching the system that we have; trusting the coaching and holding yourself accountable to do things the CELTIC WAY!
    6. EFFICIENT TEAM: We will commit to executing our system with simplicity to ensure that we are productive and efficient in everything we do!
    7. TEAM OF EXECUTION: We will commit to learning our system; understanding our system; and paying attention to the details of our system; understanding that when two equal teams meet – the team that executes better usually wins!
    8. NEVER HAVE A BAD PRACTICE: We will commit to giving our best effort every day we hit the practice floor; at times understanding that we will have to pick our teammate up when needed!
    9. RESPONSIBILITY: We commit to holding ourselves personally responsible and accountable for our actions; our efforts; and fulfilling the roles that we have been assigned; everyone will take responsibility for their role on our success.
    10. TRUST: We will commit to this on a 24 hour/day basis; trusting each other in everything we do on and off the court; from talking on defense; to trusting that guys are getting their rest and taking care of their bodies; to trusting that everyone is representing each other in a first class manner at all times!
    11. NO EXCUSES: We either get it done or we don’t; either way we move on and make sure the next possession; the next quarter; the next game is up to CELTIC STANDARD!

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