Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 1/1/15

There was no better way to start off 2015 than with this maintenance workout on New Years day with one of my players. After a hard 3 days of practice to end 2014, I knew this workout had to be less than an hour for maximum effort. This workout was only 45 minutes but it was a non-stop 45 minutes.

10-10-10 Warm-Up

This warm-up is one of my favorites to warm-up shooting and forcing to shoot with touch and finesse. From all 3 angles around the rim the player had to make 10 in a row from each angle. If a shot was missed we started over on that angle.

Goal: Make 10 in a row from all 3 angle

Mid-Range Move & Shoot

Using 5 “areas” on the floor we did this quick move & shoot drill to get the body moving and into a shooting rhythm. From each of the 5 areas on the floor we had to make 6 for 8. Failing to make 6 for 8 we started over at that spot.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 from all 5 areas


Quick Pound Shooting

This is a new drill I have not posted yet and wish I had video’d it for illustration. From all 5 spots on the floor, the player starts with their back facing the rim and takes 1 hard dribble and jump-turns for a quick shot. Teaching point is to keep the ball high on the turn to avoid the defender slapping at the ball. Always dribble with the outside hand: Right hand on right side spots, Left hand on left side spots, and both hands in the middle.

As the coach stand behind and push/slap to make them feel uncomfortable and anytime the ball is not kept high, try to so swipe at the ball.

Goal: Make 10 from each of the 5 spots

5spotshooting.pngSpots are mid-range. This is just a reference for angles

As I mentioned I do not have video of the drill, but do have an example of the move. The below video at the 30.0 second mark is as good of an illustration as I could find.

Elbow Rips

This drill was performed from both elbows. The player starts at the elbow with a self-pass. On the catch, the quick pivot and rip the ball across their face, taking an angle across the lane and in 2 hard dribbles they must finish with their outside hand. Why 2 dribbles? Because I was standing there with a pad providing a substantial amount of resistance to force my player to take and finish the move strong through the contact.

Goal: Make 10 from each elbow



Perimeter Rip Hesitation Jump Shots

As a Read & React team, it is essential I incorporate game-like actions into our workouts. Today we did this using 3 of our offensive spots and performing rip-thru 1 dribble jump shots. Player starts a spot away and makes a self-pass, on the catch the have two options: Rip-thru 1 dribble back in the direction where they starter OR Catch and push 1 dribble away from where they started. I added a hesitation-shot fake at the end of each move to simulate the defense over-recovering back into the play and trying to effect the shot.

As the coach, I waited at the spot as the defender and on the move (players decision which direction they went) I guarded the action and bit on the shot fake each time while trying to block the shot on my way down.

Goal: Make 10 (5 rips & 5 push-outs) from 3 spots



Transition 3-pt Catch & Shoot

This is a drill that I first got from Drew Hanlen’s Shooting Drills video that I modified slightly to avoid overexertion. The player starts in the corner and shoots a 3-pt, make or miss he had to sprint and touch a line towards half-court (that changed around the perimeter). After touching the line, he ran back in and took another shot slightly from where the 1st shot came from. Continue shooting and moving around the arc until the goal is met.

If you’re doing this drill out of season, have the player sprint and touch half-court after each shot. However, since we’re in season now, I had him run to the volleyball spike line until he reached the slot area (where the volleyball line intersected the 3-pt line). Any shots within the top of the key area he had to touch half-court.

Goal: Make 20 3’s total around the arc



50-point Shooting Game

This is a simple shooting game that incorporates conditioning and requires focus and mental toughness to complete as quickly as possible. Player can start from anywhere behind the 3-pt line with a coach/teammate passing from the top of the key. The player shoots a 3-pt, if they make it they get 3 POINTS. They MUST follow every shot and rebound it for a put-back lay-up worth 2 POINTS. IF the 1st lay-up attempt is missed, SUBTRACT 2 points from their score and do not count the lay-up they make on that attempt. Player can get 5 POINTS per “shot” if they make the 3 and the (1st) 2. Player rebounds the ball and passes back to the coach and moves to another spot around the perimeter.

You will find about halfway through the drill, the mental aspect sets in and lay-ups become extremely more valuable.

Goal: Score 50 points


One element I never discuss is shooting free-throws. Any time I am transitioning from 1 segment of a drill to a another, or after finishing a drill, I make my players make 2 in a row. If any are missed, they missed sprint and touch the opposite FT line and try again until they make 2 in a row. At the conclusion of my workouts I will either make my players go 8 for 10 from the FT line, or with my really good players they must finish with 10 in a row.

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