Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 12/24/14

This is another high intensity workout that went about an hour. The best part of this workout, I saw one of our players improve DRASTICALLY over the course of 60 minutes.

Mikan – Reverse Mikan – Slams – Tips

Mikan – Make 20 (preferably in a row)
Reverse Mikan – Make 20 (preferably in a row)
Slams – 3 on each side
Tips – 3 on each side

Transition Quick Finishes

One of the players attending today’s workout is great at running the floor, but just an average finisher. I wanted to work on catching the ball while sprinting in transition and quickly finishing high on the glass, without have to “load up” the legs (which is slower). Essentially as soon as the ball hit their hands, I wanted it release as quick as possible.

Drill was from all 3 angles on the angles the floor with multiple finishes.

Middle Finishes (Both sides):

  • Strong hand
  • Off Hand / Off Foot (Example on Left side: Right hand – Left leg)

Angle Finishes (Both sides):

  • Strong hand
  • Off Hand / Off Foot (Example on Right side: Left hand – Right leg)
  • Reverse – Strong hand (Use the rim to protect from shot blocker)
  • Reverse – Weak hand



Pick & Roll Attacks

The series below was performed on both sides of the floor and each player had to make 3 in each series before moving on.



Pin-Down Catch & Shoots

The catch & shoot series below is done on both sides of the floor and each player must make 3 shots in each series before moving on. You can increase the number of makes to get in more reps.



5-Spot Alternating Catch & Shoot

Using all 5 spots on the floor. The players alternate back and forth from mid-range to 3-point range on each shot. As soon as the player shoots a 3-pointer, they step into a mid-range catch & shoot. Vital that the players take a big enough step back and get low before the catch on the next 3-point shot. With a passer and rebounder, each player must make 8 shots total before the next player shoots from that spot. 5spotshooting.png

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