Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 12/23/14

Given it’s the holiday and our players won’t have much time off until the end of the season, we decided as a staff to give them a few extra days off before heading to our Christmas tournament. With that being said, we also encouraged them to come in once or twice for some individual skill workout. Both workouts lasted approximated an hour and were intense throughout. The goal was to get the players some work on things they needed to improve upon, but also give them a chance to improve in areas where they want to take their games.

Stationary Ball-Handling

The video below is not the exact sequence of ball-handling, but it is very similar and incorporated many of Drew Hanlen’s moves.

5-Spot Closeout Shooting

The video below says 7 spots, but we only did 5. The focus was not so much on closeouts, but more or less shooting with a hand flying at you. Goal was to make 3 catch & shoot, 3 – 1 dribble right pull-ups, and 3 – 1 dribble left pull-ups before moving to the next spot.

Moves on the Move Finishing

The diagram below illustrates the drills that we did from all three angles on the floor. Except for using cones, I used chairs to better simulate navigating a defender. The goal is to get the players moving full speed before they reach the first cone and simulate attacking a defender in transition incorporating a secondary/counter move. At the top spot, make sure your players stay inside the elbow and attack in straight lines.

Today we performed the following moves and finishes at all 3 angles. (First move listed is used on first cone-Second move is move used at second cone, the finish is listed last:

Make 3 each.

  • Inside-Out – Crossover – Strong Hand Finish (Both Sides)
  • Crossover – Inside-Out – Off Hand/Off Leg Finish (Both Sides)
  • Inside-Out – Between the Legs – Quick Jumper (example is a Russell Westbrook J) (Both Sides)

2ConeThis doesn’t seem like a lot, but performing both sides at all 3 angles=54 moves (if you never miss a shot).

5 Spot Shooting

The video listed below says 7-Spot but today we only did 5 spots to finish. Each player had to make 8 from all five spots. We were fortunate to have an alumni working out with us so he had to make 8 college 3’s and 2 NBA from all five spots.


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