End of Game Need 3 – X Triple

The last few seasons I have started to always carry a pen with me to every practice to scribble any notes or reminders on the practice plan. Or an event like last night, I had one of my frequent internal brain storming sessions during a water break. Last night after we finished reviewing our press offense, this new end of game series popped in my head and I immediately wrote it down.

This play is a Need 3 action at the end of a game with the ball sideline out-of-bounds; my estimate is that you would need approximately 5 seconds on the clock.


XTriple 1


In the event of scouting. it is essential to always have counters. Here are three alternate endings that are simple to adjust and get the same result.


X Triple 2


If you get into a Need 3 situation this season and run this action, I would love to hear how your team did!

One thought on “End of Game Need 3 – X Triple

  1. Kyle, I really like this. The early action makes 2 and 3 appear to be the targets, when they are really decoys. This is also a good technique to free up 1 for the inbounds pass. Thanks for sharing!

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