LA Lakers 1-on-1 Continuous Zig Zag

Byron Scott’s LA Lakers run this drill in the NBA Pre-Season Training Camp that was aired on NBAtv over the weekend. They performed this drill as a segment of their warm-up period. We have all seen the 1-on-1 zig zag drill, but I loved the way the Lakers ran this drill. Rather then perform the drill for the full length of the court and then switch offense to defense, the drill only went to half-court and the defensive player stayed in the drill for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

The offensive player went about half to three-quarter speed while the defense provided token pressure. Additionally, the defensively player did not sprint out full speed to the close out. Although the players weren’t going full speed, after 1:30 the defensive player was absolutely gassed!

To make this drill more intense, make this a live drill and only go for one minute. If the defender can create a deflection/steal, pick up the ball, throw it to the next offensive player in line and closeout to continue the drill. This will create a competitive environment and give your players a chance to work more on their handle and protecting the ball versus pressure.


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