What is a #ReBounce?

Those of you have follow me on Twitter have probably noticed a significant increase in the amount of plays and articles I send out each day via social media. If you have been following me for a while you also probably noted that many of the plays being sent out currently are older plays or posts being recycled. Here is why…

The goal of Words on the Bounce is to reach as many basketball coaches in the World as I can and provide them with some useful basketball plays and additional basketball ideas or philosophies that may help you win more games; or even better, connect with your kids more consistently. As WOB has grown over the past five years, there are some tremendous plays, drills, and articles buried deep in the site. My goal with the #ReBounce was uncover these hidden gems and share them on a consistent basis. With that being said, the one situation I did want to avoid was misleading any of my loyal followers by posting numerous Tweets throughout the day without letting you know they may not be new to you. That is why I came up with the term #ReBounce to include in any of my Tweets from previous posts.

Now you may be asking, How will I know when you share new articles on Twitter? Very simple, it will have the word NEW in the tweet. Keep an eye out this Fall for a collection of new material as I have been (will be) traveling all over the United States attending clinics this Summer and Fall continuing the learning process.

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