Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 7/23/2014

I apologize the next two workouts I am posting does not include any video of the drills. I will explain them the best I can in detail and with diagrams. As usual, if you have any other questions (especially since there are no videos) please do not hesitate to shoot me an email or contact me on Twitter.

This upcoming weekend is the last tournament of the July recruiting period and I wanted to give my player a great workout with a ton of shots to get him feeling good heading to Panama City to compete.

3 Angle Perfection Drill

The purpose of this drill was to warm-up my player and also get them taking (making) perfect shots and find a rhythm and consistency in his shot. I started this drill with the player directly in front of the rim and he had to make 10 perfect shots in a row, then step beck and repeat the drill three more times taking a step back towards the free-throw line each time. Once the straight on series was completely, the drill was repeated at both angles off the rim for a total of 120 perfect makes. The player can become bored and frustrated with this drill, but only if you let them. Continue to encourage and give verbal cues to correct any minor imperfections (i.e.- “More legs”, “Finish higher”, “Elbow to ear”, “Hold the follow through”, etc).

Goal: Utilizing the 4 spots at each angle, the player must make 10 straight shots at each spot for total of 120 makes.

3 Angle Perfection

10 Spot Catch & Shoot (Mid-Range)

Rather than use the typical 5 or 7 spot shooting today I decided to get more shots up by going to 10 spots. Using each of the 10 spots below the player had to go 6 for 8 from each spot. If the goal is not met that spot is started over.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 from each of the 10 spots.


10 Spot Catch & Go (1 Dribble)

This is the same drill as above. The only difference being the players alternates taking one dribble left and one dribble right before each shot. If the goal is not met that spot is started over.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 from each of the 10 spots.


1 Weighted Ball Ball-Handling

To break up the shooting workout we did 20 minutes of 1-ball ball-handling drills with a weighted basketball. The drills we performed were similar to the ones below from Drew Hanlen. However, I changed up several of the combinations and focused a lot more on pounding the ball. The weighted ball made this drill much more difficult and fatiguing.

10 Spot Shooting with The Gun (3-Pointers)

I wanted to get in 100 made 3’s in as efficiently as possible so we pulled out The Gun to rebound. Additionally, I wanted the passes going to the shooter to be more game-like coming from areas around the perimeter, rather than under the rim.

Goal: Make 10 3-pointers at all 10 spots.


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