1-on-1 Post Cone Drill

This drill is excellent in teaching your players how to effectively create angles in the post on offense, and also take them away on defense.

  1. Place one cone at the top of the key and another cone on the wing behind the 3-point line.
  2. Place a coach/teammate/manager with the ball at the top of the key and another (without a ball) on the same wing as the cone.
  3. Start two players under the rim, one will be offense and one will be defense.
  4. Drill starts with verbal signal or bounce of ball, middle player runs around middle cone and other player runs around the cone on the wing.
  5. The person at the top of the key with the ball will call out the player’s name who is on offense; can be either player. The ball is then pass to the wing as the player round the cones and start fighting for position.
  6. The offense is fighting for an angle to post-up and catch the pass from the wing and the defense is working hard to prevent an easy pass into the low-block. (No lobs from the wing as we are going to assume help-side defense is in place).
  7. If the offense cannot get open on the wing, the person with the ball can reverse the ball back to the top of the key to try a hi/low look from the top.

First player to 5 points (by 1’s) wins. Repeat on both sides.


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