1-on-1 Pick & Roll Rotation Drill

Billy Donovan frequently uses this drill at the University of Florida to work on big on big rotations during pick & roll throwbacks. This scenario is specific to X’ing out your bigs during a pick & roll. During an X situation, a big defender in help must rotate out and take the throwback option if the big helping on the pick cannot rotate back to his man quick enough. In this instance, the big helping on the big would sprint to the rim and locate the vacated offensive big.

  1. Have  coach/manager/teammate stand on the wing with a basketball. (Make sure the drill is performed on both sides)
  2. Place a cone on the low block opposite of the wing where the ball is located.
  3. Place one defensive player on the elbow closest to the ball and an offensive player on the other below.
  4. On a signal, the defensive player must sprint and touch the cone while the offensive players sprints into a wing pick & roll.
  5. Once the ball handler comes off the pick, they immediately throw back to the offensive player who has popped to the short corner/low wing area. The defensive player should be closing out to the ball as the offensive player catches the pass.
  6. It is now a LIVE 1-on-1 drill. The offensive player can catch & shoot or go into a post move to score.
    • The offensive player is only allowed two dribbles to make their move to score.

First player to score five baskets (not points), wins. Make sure you rotate offense to defense. If you are performing this drill with your team or a group of bigs, Rotate offense to defense and the defense then goes to the end of the line and awaits their turn on offense.


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