Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/19/2014

As I mentioned yesterday this week’s workouts are much shorter due to the fact we will be playing three games a day this weekend. Today’s session only lasted about 30 minutes but afterward we got up several hundred shots on The Gun.

2-Ball Partner Passing

Due to some injuries I jumped into the workout today to perform these 2-ball passing drills.  Continually separate further apart to make the passes harder and require more zip.

  1. Yo-Yo Passing: Keeping the balls on the same side of the body, perform 1-hand passes back and forth.
  2. Rapid Fire Passing: Start the ball in the right hand and make a 1-hand pass to the left hand of your partner, catch and transfer the ball over and continue the cycle. Repeat passing with the left hand.
  3. Chest – Bounce Pass: One partner throws a chest pass while the other throws a bounce – SWITCH.

4 Spot Move &  Shoot (1 Dribble)

Using four areas on the floor (Corner<->Wing, Wing<->Elbow, Elbow<->Elbow, Elbow<->Wing, Wing<->Corner). Players moves within each area and catches a pass, takes one dribble into a jump shot.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 from each spot.

Elbow – Rip Moves Series

This drill was the majority of today’s workout. Starting the player at the top of the key and placing a cone at each elbow, a coach holds the ball tightly and the player must rip the ball out of the coaches hands before performing each move. One weakness many players have when making moves is they are not strong enough with the ball and as a result get the ball stolen or tipped; this drill helps to improve that skill.

Goal: Make 8 total within each series of moves alternating left and right.

  1. Rip & Attack: Runners
  2. Rip & Attack: Change of Direction – 2 Foot Floater
  3. Rip & Attack: 1 Dribble Jumper
  4. Rip & Attack: Bounce Back Attack 1 Dribble Jumper
  5. Rip & Attack: Bounce Back Change of Direction Jumper
  6. Rip & Attack: Bounce Back 2X Change of Direction Jumper

Heavy Ball Rim Run Lay-Ups

One coach or teammate stands under the rim holding a basketball, preferably a weighted basketball, with the player in the drill standing under the same rim. Another coach or teammate stands under the rim at the opposite end as a rebounder/passer. When the drill starts, the person with the ball fires it down to the other end of the court and the player standing under the same rim must sprint under and catch the ball and lay it in. Key is to throw the ball high arching so it can bounce once or twice and the player can catch it and lay it in, in stride. The teammate on the other end rebounds the ball as the player in the drill turns and sprints to the other end and the drill is repeated.

Goal: 6 Makes.

7 Spot – 3 in a Row Shooting

Using all seven spots on the floor (2 corners, 2 wings, 2 elbows, 1 top of key) player must make three 3-pointers in a row at each of the seven spots. Once that is completed go back around and the player has to make seven shots in a row, one from each spot, from the college 3-point line. Once your players can master this and are great shooters, add in the NBA line.

Today we accomplished this in 3:30.

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