Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/18/2014

Heading into a full weekend of games at the University of Florida Team Camp, this week’s workouts will be more about reps and execution than conditioning. In other words, I am trying to save my guys’ legs.

Cone Weave Lane Slides

The first part of this drill is one that Jai Lucas brought to Florida from his dad (John Lucas). Drill started off with one ball and the player had to weave in and out of the cones crossing over at each cone. Goal is to keep the balls bouncing as low and quick as possible.  You can use as many cones as you want, this is just all I had access to today. At the last cone the player dribbles to the elbow, slide dribbles across the free-throw line, and then dribbles backwards to the baseline before crossing over and repeating the attack-slide around the lane. Repeat for a total of three times.

Phase two of the drill is done with two balls. Player pounds the balls low and quick together through the cones and then performs the same attack-slides around the lane. Repeat for a total of two times. Repeat the above 2-ball move but this time alternate the dribble. Repeat for a total of two times.

2-Ball Pound and Pass

The first phase of the drill is done stationary with two balls. Player starts dribbling both balls and the coach calls our left or right. On the call, the player passes with that hand, crosses over, and the coach passes back to the open hand. Repeat for a total of two times. Once the player can perform this consistently have them perform the drill moving forward and backward. Today we did this to half-court and back (backwards). Repeat for a total of two times.

10-10-10 Shooting Warm-Up

Before getting into my shooting workouts I always start close and then work out. This drill really gets a lather going for the player while also staying in close as a warm-up factor. With a coach or teammate rebounding, the player must make 10 bank shots in a row from all three spots (Left, Middle, Right).


Quick Turn-Around Catch & Shoot

Using all seven spots around the perimeter, I started the player with their back facing me. I would call out left or right and the player had to quickly turn, find the ball, and catch & shoot. This drill teaches the players to quickly pivot and find the ball in flight before catching & shooting.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 from each spot.

Ballscreen Shooting (3 Counters)

If you recall I did a three-man pick & roll drill previously and this one is similar except there is only one player involved in the drill. Player with the ball attacks the screen (chair) and has three counters to make depending on how the defense plays him. Repeat on both sides.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 per side.

    1. No hedge= Attack for a free-throw line jumper.
    2. Blitz with Space=  Attack and split the defense for an elbow jumper.
    3. Hard Blitz= Back dribble and attack for a 3-pointer.

Elevator Shooting

This drill teaches players how to run through an elevator screen and have the proper footwork for a catch & shoot 3-pointer.

Goal: Make 6 for 10 per side.

Low Post Turn-Around Jumpers

As I mentioned earlier the object today was to make game shots from different actions and areas on the floor. On the bounce of the ball from the coach, the player must gather and locate the defense; then turn opposite of the defense for a close to the basket jump shot. If you have extra players/managers/coaches have them enter the pass from the wing.

Goal: Make 10 per side.

7 Spot Shooting

From all seven spots on the floor, player had to make 10 3’s and 2 college 3’s (84 makes total).


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