2 on 1 Cone Drill

  1. Place a cone in the middle of the floor in the 3-point line and the center circle. Place two other cones on each of the sidelines even with the cone in the middle of the floor.
  2. Line up three players on the baseline even with each cone. One of the players on either sideline should have a basketball. The two players on the sidelines are on offense, and the player in the middle of the floor is on defense.
  3. On a coaches signal, all three players should sprint around the cones and the player with the basketball should be dribbling. It is a live 2 on 1 from this point.
        • The defense’s objective is to get the offense to make two or more passes.
        • The offense MUST get a lay-up.
        • Rotate lines in from left to right (Offense->Defense->Offense)


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