Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/13/2014

Nash Test

This is called the Nash Test, and not Drill, because it is one of our drills we use to test our players’ progress throughout the Summer and Fall to see if they have improved. Player stands in front of a wall in a lunge position. For 30 seconds, they must dribble the ball back and forth between the gap in their legs. After passing (dribbling) the ball away, the non-occupied hand must touch the wall. This drill is done for 30 seconds and goal is to get as many touches on the wall as possible. We only count one of the hands; for example, every time the right-hand touches that is a “touch”. Today our best score was 60 touches.

Stationary Ball-Handling

Today’s set of stationary ball-handling drills from Drew Hanlen’s newest video series available from Better Basketball. This is only a small sample of the drills he demonstrated so I highly recommend you check out the entire video here!

Series 1: Quick Knee to Knee Crossover
Series 2: Quick Behind the Back
Series 3: Quick Knee to Knee Inside-Out Crossover
Series 4: Inside-Out Crossover – Behind the Back
Series 5: Inside-Out Between the Legs – Behind the Back
Series 6: Quick Knee to Knee Crossover – Behind the Back Circles

1-Ball Dribble Pound and Cone Tap

This cone tap ball-handling drill is from Drew Hanlen’s newest video series available from Better Basketball. This is only one variation of the drill he demonstrated so I highly recommend you check out the entire video here! Player puts the ball in either hand and starts a low ball pound walking toward the line of cones. At each cone the player must stop, tap the cone upside down, and place it back down. Drill is improved down and back with both hands. While a player will never tip over a cone during a came, this drill teaches the player to dribble while also working with their arm bar without disrupting the dribble.

X-Attack and Back Dribble Ball-Handling

This is another set of ball-handling drills from Drew Hanlen’s newest video series available from Better Basketball. This is only one of the drills he demonstrated so I highly recommend you check out the entire video here! Player starts at the baseline elbow and attacks the opposite elbow, then takes two large back dribbles (imitating back dribbling out of a trap), crosses over, and then attacks the other elbow. Today we did this drill in 30 second increments.  It is essential that the player protect the ball with their off-arm and body when changing direction.

Series 1: Back dribble and crossover
Series 2: Back dribble and between the legs
Series 3: 2-Ball back dribble
Series 4: 2-Ball back dribble crossover

5 Spot Shot Fake – Fly By Jump Shots

I was making up my workout last night watching Game 4 of the NBA Finals and noticed this shot several times throughout the game and added it to my workout plan. We performed this drill at all five spots from both mid-range and 3-point. Player receives the pass and shot fakes, hesitates to imagine a defender flying by, then settles and shoots. We made five shots from each of the five spots (Mid-Range and 3-point) for total of 50 makes. If you have more players have them be the passer and fly by the shooter.

Goal: Make 5 from each spot (Mid-Range and 3-point) in least amount of shots.

Combo Move Jump Shots

Player starts at half-court and performs a stationary three move combo before taking one hard dribble and passing to a coach. Player cuts in to receive a pass back from the coach for a shot. Repeat on both sides of the floor.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 in each series.

Series 1: Catch & Shoot elbow jumpers
Series 2: Catch & Rip Step-Back jumpers

7 Spot – 3 in a Row Shooting

Using all seven spots on the floor (2 corners, 2 wings, 2 elbows, 1 top of key) player must make three 3-pointers in a row at each of the seven spots. Once that is completed go back around and the player has to make seven shots in a row, one from each spot, from the college 3-point line. Once your players can master this and are great shooters, add in the NBA line.

Goal: Finishing in quickest time.

3 thoughts on “Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/13/2014

  1. Thanks for sharing coach! My kids love the 7 spot 3 in a row 3’s!
    I love having a competitive drill at the end of our workouts.
    We had 3 kids finish under 2 minutes. I will continue to chart and see if the times get lower.

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