Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/12/2014

Low & Slow Defensive Slide Bounces

This defensive drill is one of the best drills you can do, almost daily, to improve foot quickness and length strength. One of my players told me today it is one of the most tiring drills we do. As the player bounces (feet should bounce about an inch) they SLOWLY move laterally. Goal is to stay as low as possible in a defensive stance with chest up and arms out for the entire drill. We repeated this drill for a total of two times.
(See video below Defensive Slide Closeouts)

Low & Slow Defensive Step-Slides

Player starts in the corner and must sit down low in a defensive stance. Goal is to stay as low and move as slow as possible. This drill is a great leg strengthener if performed correctly. Today my guys went a little quick; I want them to slide even slower than shown in the video below. Player takes a small step with leading leg and then slides rest of body to catch up. It is key that your players do not bob up and down, staying low on each step-slide.
(See video below Defensive Slide Closeouts)

Defensive Slide Closeouts

To finish out our defensive segment we did a defensive closeout drill. Player starts by taking two explosive steps and then stutters to closeout with high hands (the closeout is the diagonal line below). After closing out they then slide horizontally to mimic cutting off a driver before closing out again.

Pivot & Footwork Series

This is a pivot series with different finishing moves that I got from Alan Stein’s Better Basketball footwork video. I only used a few from the video but there are a total of 36 so I definitely recommend you check it out. Player starts at the baseline elbow and throws a self pass to the elbow and performs the following series of shots on both sides of the floor. Each player had to make four shots in each series, per side (8 total). Our goal today wasn’t to go game speed on every move, the intention was more of teaching the moves and learning the footwork so we can progress over the Summer and improve.

Goal: Make 4 per side (8 total per series).

Series 1: Front Pivot – Rip & Go finish on the opposite side with outside hand
Series 2: Front Pivot – Rip & Go finish on the opposite side with inside hand
Series 3: Front Pivot – Rip & Go into a Pro Hop finish
Series 4: Front Pivot – Rip & Go into a Euro-Step finish
Series 5: Reverse Pivot – Rip & Go finish on the opposite side with outside hand
Series 6: Reverse Pivot – Rip & Go finish on the opposite side with inside hand
Series 7: Reverse Pivot – Rip & Go into a Pro Hop finish

UCLA Pick & Roll 3-Man Shots

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I try to incorporate shots out of our offense in my drills. Here is another example of getting shots up out of the UCLA Pick & Roll play. As the ball-handler came off the pick, I tried to provide resistance with a bump to make the drill more game like. We did not have a goal for number of makes in this drill. We went for approximately five minutes per side. Once I was happy with the number of shots up and execution, we had to make all three shots in a row before finishing.

UCLA PRShooting

Half-Court Shuttle Drill

This drill is one that I got from Better Basketball’s March Madness Extravaganza (March 7). Alan Stein shared this drill from a story he was told about a workout with legendary shooting coach Dave Hopla and Kobe Bryant.

  • You need 1 ball and 1 person to rebound and pass
  • Set up a cone at mid-court and 2 cones at the free throw line extended (3 feet from sideline)
  • Start at mid-court and sprint for a jump shot at the free throw line
  • Sprint back to the mid-court cone, then sprint to either outside cone for another jump shot
  • Sprint back to mid-court, then sprint to the other cone for a jump shot
  • Lastly, sprint to mid-court, and sprint in to finish with a dunk or lay-up
  • If you miss any shots, you continue until you make the shot from that spot.
  • Record your best time. A good time is less than 21 seconds on an NBA court.

Today the first player up did this drill in 25 seconds on his first attempt.

Goal: Finish the drill.


3 thoughts on “Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/12/2014

  1. I am thoroughly enjoying the individual series Kyle. Keep up the great work and spreading the knowledge!

  2. Just curious, what exactly is the purpose of the Defensive Slide Bounces? Does it have anything to do with the way you teach on ball defense?

    1. Jeff, no real correlation with our on ball defense. It is just a great drill to help with foot quickness and length strength/endurance. Think of it as another version of the stationary foot-fire drills. Hope that helps.

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