Triangle Fast Break Build Up 3 on 3

Following drill was a part of a skill packet we mailed out to coaches when I was at the University of Florida.

Previously I have posted phase 1 and 2 of the build up with the 2-on-1 and 2-on-2.

  1. Start the drill this time with two offensive players on each of the low blocks and the 3rd offensive player in one of the two corners.
  2. Defensively start with one defender at the free-throw line, one defender under the rim, and a third defender in the opposite corner of the offensive player.
  3. Begin the drill the same way as the previous two with a coach passing to one of the two offensive players on the low blocks.
  4. Once the ball is passed, the two offensive players without the ball must remain wide so that the player with the ball can take the middle of the floor, create and make a play.
  5. Defensively, just like in 2-on-2, you’re trying to sprint to the inside track of the two offensive players on the wings.

OFFENSIVELY: Spacing is key. It is extremely important that the two players on the wing remain wide so the player with the ball can attack.

DEFENSIVELY: Communication is once again the key. While sprinting back down the floor, players must talk so they get matched up correctly.


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