Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/9/2014

After a weekend of games it gave me a great idea of what I felt our players needed to improve on individually. My goal is to help them be successful within our system so that is how I design all of my workouts, especially today’s.

3 Spot Move & Shoot + 1 Dribble Pull Up

Today’s warm-up is one I use frequently. Using three areas on the floor each player had to move and shoot and make 6 for 8 from each of the three areas. After completing this they then performed the same drill, this time performing it with a one dribble pull up jump shot. I am not worried about going game speed in this drill today. Getting a lathered warm-up is most important.

5 Spot Rip & Attack

One element I wanted to teach today was reading the defenders feet, playing through some resistance, and then finishing without charging into the help defense under the rim. Started with one offensive player in the spot with the other two players standing nearby with a ball. The play with the ball flipped the offensive player the ball and bodied up making the offensive player create space and make a move reading the defense. At each of the five spots the players attacked the rim and performed a two-foot jump stop floater. Except in the corners, on the baseline drive they turned their shoulders square to fend off the defense and absorb the contact.

I was not as concerned with makes today in this drill as I really wanted to get the players out of their comfort zone and taking shots they usually do not practice. However, at the end of each set we did not move onto the next spot until three makes in a row by the trio.

Transition Catch & Shoot 3’s

This is another drill that carries over into our offense very well. We are fortunate to have guards that do a tremendous job advancing the ball up the floor. In addition, some very skilled shooters. So I combined those two components into this drill. Each player started with a ball at half-court and after passing me their ball, sprinted up the sideline for a catch & shoot 3. Points of emphasis were two-hand catches, staying wide to step into the shots, and getting their knees bent lower as the ball arrived to be ready to shoot on the catch.

Goal: Make 20 3’s as a team per side.

5 Spot Shooting – 3’s

The first portion of the workout incorporated a lot of moving and conditioning so I finished off the workout with a simple five-spot shooting.

Goal: Make 8 HS 3’s and 2 college 3’s per spot.


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