Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/4/2014

After two hard days of workouts, I decided to make today’s workout lighter and shorter since our team has three straight days of Team Camp starting tomorrow.

2-Ball Ball-Handling & Move

Started today’s workout with 2-ball ball-handling again drills and worked in some dribble moves at the end to work on hand-eye coordination and quicker hands.

  1. Shoulder pounds (Together)
  2. Shoulder pounds (Alternate)
  3. Knee pounds (Together)
  4. Knee pounds (Alternate)
  5. One high – One Low pounds
  7. Windshield Wipers
  8. Inside-Out
  9. Front to Back
  10. One inside-out, One Front to Back
  11. SWITCH

Followed by a series of dribbles on the move:

  1. 2-Ball 1-hand 1 dribble per ball to half-court and back (Right hand down and Left hand back)
  2. 2-Ball 1-hand 2 dribbles per ball to half-court and back (Right hand down and Left hand back)
  3. Low and slow knee pounds half-court and back
  4. Low and slow inside-out crossover half-court and back

5 Spot – 8 Finishes

Our team runs the Read & React offense so a lot of our drill work will come from five spots. This drill works on eight different finishes from the five spots. Today we only made one of each move at each spot. On tougher days with more players I will have them make two or three of each move at each spot but on the dribble.

  1. Right-Hand backboard
  2. Left-Hand backboard
  3. Right-Hand reverse backboard
  4. Left-Hand reverse backboard
  5. Right-Hand NO backboard
  6. Left-Hand NO backboard
  7. Right-Hand reverse NO backboard
  8. Left-Hand reverse NO backboard

Goal: Make 1 shot each of the above shots per spot.


3 Spot Move & Shoot

Players moves and shoots from corner to elbow, elbow to elbow, and elbow to corner. On more intense days we would add in different series of catch and attack with this drill.

Goal: Make 6 for 8 per series.


50 3’s in 5 Minutes

With one shooter and one rebounder/passer, the player has five minutes to make 50 3-pointers while continuing to move around the perimeter. Once the season starts, we do not allow any of our players to shoot 3’s until they can accomplish this goal.

Goal: Make at least 50 3’s and keeping shooting until time expires.

2-Ball Pass & Shoot

Player starts beyond half-court with two balls. Player start dribbling towards the rim and just beyond the NBA 3-point line the player makes a 1-handed pass to the coach and proceed into a dribble move and shot. The player will then receive a pass from the coach for a second shot. We went through each series four times on each side.

Goal: Make 5 for 8 each time. If players fail to reach goal repeat the drill.

Series 1: Pass with the weak side hand and take a two-dribble pull up jumper. Player then flares for the 2nd shot (Freedom to create on flare).
Series 2: Pass with the strong hand and take a two-dribble pull up jumper on the weak side. Player then curls back for the 2nd shot.



10 3’s in 1 Minute

This is one of my favorite drills to finish off a workout. With 1 minute on the clock, and a coach or teammate passing, the player must make 10 3’s within that minute. However, they must sprint and touch the half-court line between each shot.

Goal: Make 10+ 3’s in 60 seconds.


I hope you enjoyed this week’s workouts. This is the last workout of the week. As I mentioned we are playing this weekend so I don’t want to keep our players fresh.  In the mornings we will come in and get some shots up, but that is just to get warmed up for the day. See you next week!

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