Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/3/2014

Mikan – Reverse Mikan – Slams – Tips

Today we started off our workout warming up with some finishes around the rim. Each player had to former the following:

  1. 20 Mikans
  2. 20 Reverse Mikans
  3. 2 Hand backboard slams and finishes – 5 Slams + Lay-Up | 5 times on each side
  4. 1-Hand backboard tips and finishes – 3 Tips + Lay-Up | 5 times on each side

2-Ball Half-Court Moves into 2 Shots

Players start with two balls in the baseline corner, they sprint dribble towards half-court (Mix up alternating and together each time). Once the players reach half-court, they turn and dribble across court, performing a crossover at each cone. After the last cone, the player fires a 1-handed pass with their outside hand to a coach. Each player went through each Set six times for a total of 12 shots per Shot per side. 

Set 1: Pass to coach and crossover into a step-up pick & roll from coach. Come back for a hand-off.
Set 2: Pass to coach and use an angles (drag) pick & roll from coach. Come back for a hand-off.

Goal: Make 8 of 12 per side. Repeat on both sides.


1 and 2-Ball Partner Rapid Fire Passing

Player start standing lane width apart each with one ball in their right hand. Players pass the ball to their partners left hand (same side). Use the hand, wrist, shoulder to absorb the pass and quickly pass back. Continue this process trying to increase the speed of passing as players become more comfortable.

Once your players are comfortable with this skill teach them 1-Ball Rapid Fire Passing. This is the same drill as above, but as soon as the player catches the pass in their left hand, they quickly move the ball to their right hand and pass to the partners outside hand. Make sure you work both hands (directions).

As your players become comfortable with this skill, add another ball per player. The same Rapid Fire Passing as above is performed except now there are four balls in the drill instead of two. Making focus a key component as the players have to pass, change hands, catch, and pass again in a quick sequential order.

7 Spot Closeout Shooting

I wanted to work on our closeouts and shooting pressured shots for the second half of the workout so we did a series of closeout shooting drills from all seven spots on the floor. Player under the rim passes to the shooting line and closes out with butte down and hands up. Player shoots and follows his shot; defender moves to shooting line. The first player to make five shots won that spot and we moved onto the next spot. IMPORTANT: Make sure your players are not walking under the shooters feet during/after the closeout.

Series 1: Closeout – Catch & Shoot Mid-Range Jumpers
Series 2: Closeout to 3-pt Line – One dribble pull-up jumper
(We force baseline on wing closeouts so players were forced to dribble one direction except in the middle spot)
Series 3: Catch & Shoot 3-pointers
(On this last series I did not have players closeout for two reasons: 1. They were exhausted 2. Wanted them to have a high hand flying at them)

Goal: 1st player to make 5 per spot won. Losers had push-ups.


Heavy Ball Rim Run Lay-Ups

One coach or teammate stands under the rim holding a basketball, preferably a weighted basketball, with the player in the drill standing under the same rim. Another coach or teammate stands under the rim at the opposite end as a rebounder/passer. When the drill starts, the person with the ball fires it down to the other end of the court and the player standing under the same rim must sprint under and catch the ball and lay it in. Key is to throw the ball high arching so it can bounce once or twice and the player can catch it and lay it in, in stride. The teammate on the other end rebounds the ball as the player in the drill turns and sprints to the other end and the drill is repeated.

Goal: 6 Makes.


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