Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 6/2/2014

Mid-Range Move and Shoot

Similar to 10-10-10, this is also one of my favorites to start a workout with to get the player going and find their rhythm. Today I had my player start a little inside 15 feet to work more on his mid-range. Player starts in the corner and takes his first shot, make or miss they move to the other section of the spot (back and forth) until they reach their goal of makes per spot. When using five spots, the shots come from the following areas:

1: Corner to Wing
2. Wing to Elbow
3: Elbow to Elbow
4: Elbow to Wing
5. Wing to Elbow

Goal: Make 6 for 8 per spot (series).


Cone Handle Shots

Players start with one ball and dribbles at each cone. The player will take 1 hard dribble with the outside hand and quickly crossover, take one hard dribble at the next cone and crossover (keeping the ball below the knees). After the last cone the player takes no more than two dribbles and attacks the rim.

  1. Finish on the other side of the rim with the outside hand, make 4.
  2. Next set is similar as the player will do an inside-out crossover at each cone. The finish is with the inside hand, make 4.
  3. Between the legs at each cone and finish with a two foot floater, make 4. (Left hand on left hand dribble attack | Right hand on right hand dribble attack)
  4. Alternate crossover / between the legs at each cone, spin off the pad for lean-back jumper, make 4. Make sure the players are not drifting laterally, but rather spin and lean back to finish over length.
  5. Alternate crossover / between the legs at each cone, step-back jumpers, make 4.
  6. Players choice on cone moves, step-back, crossover, two-foot floater outside the lane, make 4.

Goal: Make 4 per series above.


1 2 3


Lane Slide 1-on-1 Closeout

Player starts on the block and defense slides, touches a coach who then passes to the offense. Defender must then closeout to the offense for Live 1-on-1. Offense gets three dribbles. Play for time or point total. Today due to time we played first player to score three (going by all 1’s). Repeat on both sides.


5 Spot Shooting

The first phase of the workout was a killer so I wanted to finish by getting up a ton of shots. With a shooter, rebounder and passer, each player had to make 10 mid-range jumpers, 6 3’s, and 2 college 3’s.

Goal: Make 10 mid-range, 6 HS 3’s, and 2 college 3’s.


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