Individual Instruction On-Court Workout 5/30/14

2 Ball Stationary Ball-Handling

Today’s workout we started with some two-ball stationary ball-handling. Similar to the 10-10-10 warm-up shooting we did yesterday, I LOVE starting workouts with this segment. It is easier to show you the moves we performed so check out the video below. Each type of dribble was performed for approximately 10-15 seconds (Video is condensed to save you time). The dribbles performed in order were:

  1. Shoulder pounds (Together)
  2. Shoulder pounds (Alternating)
  3. Knee pounds (Together)
  4. Knee pounds (Alternating)
  5. Left hand knee dribbles + Right hand inside-out
  7. Left hand knee dribbles + Right hand front to back
  9. Left hand stationary + Right hand around the ankle
  11. Right hand stationary + Left hand around the ankle

2 Ball Roll & Dribble

This is a drill I picked up last Summer that I to work on a little ball control and hand-eye coordination. Player starts by slowly rolling the ball towards half-court. They then must stay low to the ground and dribble around the ball as it rolls. Performed to half-court and back.

2 Ball Zig-Zag Ball-Handling

2 Ball Zig-Zag is a great ball control drill that incorporates change of direction. Player starts in the baseline corner and turns at the elbow, half-court, elbow and ends in the far corner (You can add in more turns to make it more challenging). The first set each player crossed-over with the outside hand (closest to change of angle spot); performed down and back. The second set each player dribbled between the legs at each turn, down and back. The third set each player dribbled behind the back at each turn, down and back.

3-Man 2-Ball Spot Shooting

This an easy drill to get up a ton of shots quickly. Two players start under the rim with the ball and 1 player lines up on the 1st spot; today we did 5 spots. 1st player in line passes to player without the ball, shot is taken; shooter gets own rebound and becomes passer. The passer follows his pass and receives next pass in line for a shot.

Goal: Each player must make 5 shots at each spot before moving.


2 Ball – 3 Shots on the Move

One rule many coaches enforce is “No 1-Hand Passes”. However, I truly believe that this is a skill that can be taught and utilized for more mature players in their latter years of high school and especially at the next level. Many times players are put into situations where a 1-hand pass may be the most effective pass available.

This drill starts with a player on the baseline about halfway between the lane the sideline, with two balls. They will speed dribble to around the 28 foot mark, turn and fire a 1-handed pass with their outside hand to a coach. The player then explodes and finishes with a lay-up; gets his own rebound and passes to the coach (so coach now has two balls), curls around for and elbow jumper, then flares for a third shot. The third shot can be a catch & shoot, or one dribble pull-up.

Player repeats the drill four times for a total of 12 shots.

Goal: Make 8 for 12 per side.


Full Speed Middle Attack

Watching college and pro hoops one skill that great players excel at is making moves in transition at full-speed and finishing at the rim. With this drill I incorporate several different segments in which they have to make three shots in each segment.

Segment 1: Inside-Out + Crossover finish at rim (3 Makes)
Segment 2 : SWITCH SIDES – SAME MOVES (3 Makes)
Segment 3: Between the Legs + Crossover finish at rim with inside hand (3 Makes)
Segment 4 : SWITCH SIDES – SAME MOVES (3 Makes)
Segment 5 : Attack 1st cone and bounce-back dribble + QUICK Between the Legs + 1 dribble pull-up (3 Makes)
Really emphasis a quick/explosive (Westbrook) pull-up on this move.
Segment 2 : SWITCH SIDES – SAME MOVES (3 Makes)

Goal: Make 3 shots per segment.


5 Spot Shooting (Mid-Range & 3’s)

Since this was the 1st weekend of school being out I cut today’s workout a tad bit short and ended the workout getting up a multiple of catch & shoot jumpers. With a rebounder, a passer, and a shooter. Each player had to make 12 shots from each of the five spots (6 mid-range and 6 3’s)

Goal: Make 12 shots per spot= 6 mid-range and 6 HS 3’s.


I hope you enjoyed this workout. Let me know if you like the new video component I added to better illustrate each drill.

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  1. I really enjoy watching the workouts and incorporating many of the drills into the skill work for the young men I coach. I especially am excited to intro the 2 ball roll and dribble. I think the videos are a great addition. Thanks!!!

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