Triangle Fast Break Build Up 2-on-1

Following drill was a part of a skill packet we mailed out to coaches when I was at the University of Florida.

  1. Two offensive players start 2-3 feet outside of the lane along the baseline. Start the defensive player at the free-throw line.
  2. Drill starts with a coach holding a ball around the free-throw line area, and passing it to one of the offensive players.
  3. Once the ball is passed, the defensive player should immediately turn and sprint to half-court and get down in a defensive stance with active hands.
  4. The offensive players should remain 2-3 feet outside of the lane as they attack the other end. They should not be too wide, so the defense can recover, and not be too close, so the defense is able to cover both players.
  5. The offensive player with the ball should not pass the ball until the defense totally commits to him (bounce pass for lay-up). If the defense does not commit, shoot a lay-up.



5 thoughts on “Triangle Fast Break Build Up 2-on-1

  1. Unfortunately, I no longer have the packets. I was just going through them at my dad’s house and picked out a few drills I haven’t shared yet.

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