Florida Gators 1 Baseline Double #MarchMadness

Frequenting their baseline series all game, Florida head coach Billy Donovan ran this tweak to the set adding in a double side pick & roll. This line-up for Florida is extremely versatile because they essentially have three point guards on the floor, one being 6’8″ (4) Dorian Finney-Smith, in addition to (2) Hill and 1 (Wilbekin).

As 1 (Wilbekin) came off the double pick & roll he had multiple options of attack:

1. Attack the rim or pull-up
2. Drop down pass to Young (5) rolling.
3. 2 and 3 spotting up on the weak side wing
4. Throwback to versatile (4) Finney-Smith who can catch & shoot or attack the rim




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