Late Game Situations – Flare Plays

One trend I have noticed over the last year(s) is many coaches, NBA especially, are moving towards flare screens to get the “go-to” guy moving away from the ball during late game situations. I think this is a great strategy as the majority of your defenses will be loaded to the ball on help side preventing the simple catch & shoot. However, I do not recommend putting in this strategy for your high school or youth teams and here is why:

  1. NBA and College players are bigger and more experienced and will go after and meet the ball. Most young players do not meet passes and thus will result in a turnover or deflection.
  2. In my short time in coaching, I have yet to experience young players who can consistently throw perfect skip/flare passes (especially out of bounds) while landing on time and on target.

Below is a sideline out of bounds play similar to one the Boston Celtics ran earlier in the season that incorporates the above discussion.



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