John Pelphrey Carolina Backscreen Action

John Pelphrey ran this Carolina backscreen action while the head coach of the University of Arkansas.  What I love about this play is by have 2 set the backscreen to 4, a lack of communication will result in one of three outcomes:

1. Lob to 4
2. 2 will be open as X2 helped because X4 was nailed on the backscreen
3. X5 is forced to help on 2 and 5 can flash for an elbow jumper or iso-drive to the rim.

If none of those options are available the pick & roll finishes up the play. With the floor spread and the pick so close to the baseline it will be difficult to help on the roll of 5 if X5 is caught helping X2.




2 thoughts on “John Pelphrey Carolina Backscreen Action

    1. It is a common term coaches have coined for early offense/secondary plays that start with ball reversal backscreens because Carolina used to (still does) do that a lot.

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