Fort Myers 2013 Boot Camp Day 1

In the state of Florida our governing body the FHSAA rules that the two weeks prior to the start of the basketball season that we are not allowed to do anything with our players that involve the use of basketballs. We gave our players the first week of the “quiet” period off to take care of their grades and heal any bumps and bruises. For a second consecutive season we chose to use the week before practice to mentally and physically prepare our players with another Fort Myers Basketball Boot Camp. This year due to our SAT’s falling on the Saturday before the season started we were only able to get in 4 great days of work and were not able to make it back out to the beach.

If you have been a long time follower of my website the Day 1 workout will look familiar as it is almost identical to Day 1 from last year. This workout is a great one to start the week off with because it really challenges the players and you learn very quickly who is tough and can push through fatigue and who cannot. We did this workout in the morning before school and I would highly recommend you do the same. This workout is extremely tough and I do not believe it can be completed at a high level of intensity out in the hot sun.

(Completed on the Football Practice Field)

(5 Minute Warm-Up on Own – Jog up and back on field before starting)

  1. Sprint Backpedal Runs: (20/30/40 yds)
    1. Sprint to 20 yard line–>Walk Back to Goal Line
    2. Sprint to 20 yard line–>Backpedal to Goal Line
    3. Sprint to 30 yard line–>Walk Back to Goal Line
    4. Sprint to 30 yard line–>Backpedal to Goal Line
    5. Sprint to 40 yard line–>Walk Back to Goal Line
    6. Sprint to 40 yard line–>Backpedal to Goal Line
  2. Steam EnginesB (1 Minute): Stationary – bring left knee up to right elbow, drop leg and bring right knee to left elbow, repeat. (Like doing bicycle crunches standing up).
  3. Plank Holds–>Chaturanga Holds (1 minute–>10 Seconds each way): Start in Push Up “up” position and hold that for 10 seconds, on the whistle go into the push up “down” position and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat this alternation for 1 minute. At the end of the 1 minute keep the players in the down position and see who can stay down the longest.
  4. Superman–>Banana Rolls (1 Minute): Start on stomach with arms and legs extended not touching the ground like Superman. On whistle roll over on back into Banana which is arms and legs extended not touching the ground. Switch position on the whistle…approximately every 10 seconds…on double whistle change direction.
  5. Slide/Sprint Runs (Four – 100 yard segments): Face same direction the entire time – Start sprinting and on the whistle defensive slide; Next whistle sprint again…Keep repeating intermittently for 100 yards.
  6. Froggers (25 Times): Sitting on butte, chest up and legs extended. Bring knees to chest and bring arms together (like a bird flapping wings). Repeat.
  7. Walking Push-Ups : Start on goal line in push up “up” position. Walk forward on hands and toes staying in the plank position to the 10 yard line, repeat backwards to the goal line. Repeat same exercise to the 20 yard line.
  8. 62/5: Players have 62 seconds to run 5 (up and back) length of court sprints 94 feet.5 Minute Water Break
  9. Ladder Runs (50-40-30-20-10): Sprint from the goal line to the 50 yard line and back to the goal line; Repeat to 40, 30, 20, 10 (without stopping). Give 1 minute rest and repeat starting to the 10 yard line and working up to the 50 yard line.
  10. 2-way Push-UpsB (Max Reps): Push Up, Then move your right arm out and push up, bring your right arm back in and push up, move your left arm out and push up, bring left arm back and push up. Repeat for Max Repetitions.
  11. Scissors (15 times slow): Lying on your back, start with right leg at 90 degree angle and left leg a few inches off the ground. Switch on the whistle.
  12. 300 Yard Sprint Intervals: In intervals (100->25->50->25->25->50->25) Sprint the distance specified and walk to the end zone. Repeat for 300 yards.
  13. Heels to the Heaven (25 times): Lying on back with both legs together at 90 degree angle. Use your core to raise your heels to the sky (Hips should come off ground), bring hips back down and repeat.
  14. 1-Arm Balance Reach Balance Push-Ups (30 seconds each arm): Stay in Push Up “up” position. Place left arm on the ground and place your feet one on top of the other with the left foot laying flat on the ground so your hips are perpendicular to ground. Extend right arm up and out (forming a cross). Bring your right arm down and twist and reach under your chest with your right arm, re-extend right arm up. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat switching arms/footwork.
  15. Prison Push-Ups (1 Minute): Push Up, Bring left knee to chest and put back, Push Up, Bring right knee to chest and put back, Push Up, Jump to Feet, Repeat.
  16. Field Sprints: Sprint on the sideline the length of the football field, walk across the end zone and sprint the other sideline and walk the endzone. Repeat for 5 minutes.
Stay Tuned for the other 3 workouts I will post next week!

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