Play Overload? Here is why…

It has been chronicled that Hall of Fame coach Jerry Sloan only ran 8 plays during his 23 year tenure with the Utah Jazz. For Sloan, it was not about the number of plays in the playbook, but rather the execution of those plays. If you are able to teach your players to run 8 plays to perfection, including the reads and options to counter the defense, you will not only win more games but your players will also learn more about how to play the game.

This brings me to the reason for today’s article. Words on the Bounce is comprised of hundreds of basketball plays from coaches at all different levels. Do I expect you as the reader to like every single play and add it to your playbook? No. My goal of Words on the Bounce is to provide effective plays that you might be interested in and inevitably help you win more games. If I am able to give you one play from my entire collection that helps you succeed, I have achieved that goal. Whether it be an out-of-bounds play or an end of game situation, Words on the Bounce is here to help you win games and build successful basketball programs.

If I can ever help you in your coaching career in anyway, please do not hesitate to let me know.

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