1-Hand Pass Follow Pick and Roll

Teaching your players to effectively and efficiently pass with 1 hand will improve skills and power and become overall better passers. The key to this drill is teaching both passers how to catch the ball and absorb the force into your hand like a spring and fire the pass back from the shoulder area.

When setting the pick & roll/pop many coaches force their players to roll opening their chest up so they never turn their back to the ball. I like to give my players the option to roll either way  depending on their comfort level. (turning over their low shoulder or opening up). I prefer the quick turn (instead of opening to the ball) because it is quicker and the screener can create more space more efficiently. If they choose to turn over their low shoulder make sure they do it quickly and snap their head around first to locate the ball.

Today I had each player make 3 shots from each spot/move and then repeated the drill on the right side. Depending on how many players you have you can adjust this number accordingly.




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