Create Space Rim Finishing Drill

One problem many young players face and something the pro’s have perfected, is the ability to create space by setting up your defender for a move. In this drill I taught our players to jab at the rim to get the defender off and then jab in another direction to get the defense to recover to a side. Once you get the defense to a side you can then make a move and attack. I had my players make 3 at each finish because there were five players working out. Adjust the number as you want depending on numbers. (Repeat the move on the left side once you finish everything on the right).

Utilizing coaches/managers with pads in areas where the player will experience contact enhances this drill to the fullest.  The coach/manager on the ball try to slap at the arms/ball to teach your players to be strong with the ball when jabbing and ripping through for a move.



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