Coaching: Find the WHY in Everything You Do!

After speaking at length with my good friend Brendan Suhr yesterday and reading J.P. Clark’s phenomenal article this morning I wanted to touch base a little bit on WHY I coach and WHY I share so much on my website for free.

From before I was able to walk I had a basketball in my hands. As the son of a lifelong coach I spent the majority of my evenings and weekends in the gym watching my dad coach basketball. The work ethic and passion for the game that I received from my father is invaluable. Whether he was coaching his own players or running his many camps or leagues, his goal was to teach and to make every player better every single day.

Coaching is in my blood! I absolutely love coaching. I love critiquing players during practice and teaching them what I have learned to help them grow their own games. However, as much as I love running a practice and improving as a team, I actually love doing individual instruction even more. Individual instruction, or working out guys, is a special time that allows you to teach and create a bond with your player(s). As Brendan Suhr and Kevin Eastman say, “…Taking players to a level that they cannot take themselves.” What I love most about individual skill work is the player(s) are hungry to get better and WANT to be there. The key word being WANT! They want to put the work in, they want to be pushed, they want to sweat, they want to succeed, they want to get better! In today’s evolving game it is rare to find young players who want to put the skill work in to improve. I am very fortunate at Fort Myers High School to have some special players who want to put in the work every single day of the week; and it will pay off for them next season.

On to my next topic…

Last week while I was at the University of Florida Team Camp I ran into a good friend who coaches in the Gainesville area. I was very humbled to learn that he is a daily reader of my website and that occasionally ends up spending hours looking through my immense play and drill database. After talking with him for awhile, he asked me, “Have you ever thought about making your website a subscription service and charging people to be daily readers?”

My answer was simply no, it has never crossed my mind. My goal with Words On The Bounce has always been to give back as much as I can to other coaches, free of charge. I have been very blessed to be around some great coaches in my short time on earth and I want to share as much of that knowledge that I can! I am always trying to learn and grow as a professional and a coach. The relationships that I have formed with coaches  around the World just because they found my website are amazing! I love meeting other coaches who are always looking to improve at their craft. With that said, if you ever have a question or need anything specific that I can assist with, I am always here to help answer your questions. If I don’t know the answer, I will find someone who hopefully does.

During the same conversation with this coach in Gainesville he also suggested that I add some video content to my website. This is something that I have contemplated for over a year but just have not had the time. Well, I am excited to finally say that over the next few months I am going to start filming as many drills as I can think of and post them right here, free of charge!

Lastly, my personal PSA today is that if any of you are readers and live in the SW Florida area and ever want to get together to talk hoops please contact me! I love talking basketball and learning and would enjoy meeting you!

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