5-on-4 Defensive Rotation Shell Drill

This is a drill that I love to run throughout the season to help enforce my defensive philosophy when it comes to helping on baseline penetration. My defensive philosophy is to keep the ball out of the middle of the floor. WIth that said, when the ball is in the corner I teach my players to direct the ball handler to the baseline halfway in between the 3-point line and lane line. Furthermore, the help needs to come early enough outside the lane and cut off the basket and the baseline.

This is a 5 out drill because that is the style of offense we currently run. If you are guarding a team in the post, I NEVER help off the post because it opens up easy lay-ups. That is why is it vital for your help defenders to be aware and in the correct positions early.

This is also a great drill that teaches your players how to scramble in defensive situations after cutting off the baseline. Make sure the coach passes to different players througout the drill to enforce the level of urgency and communication in such scrambles.

Have your players move the ball around the perimeter and run the offense several times through before passing to the coach.

5on4-1 5on4-2

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