New York Knicks Horns Double Pick and Roll

The New York Knicks ran this play during their playoff loss versus the Indiana Pacers Saturday night in the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals. There are severals aspects I love about this play.

1. I love running staggered pick & rolls (especially at lower levels) because most coaches do not teach their players how to guard. **I teach the first big to level the screen to prevent the slip and the second big to be the hedger/trapper/helper.

2. By using Carmelo in the first pick, the defense did not want to detach itself for too long and giveaway a look from the Knicks’ best player.

3. The Knicks spaced two shooters in the corners (2-JR Smith, 4-Copeland)  which made it difficult to help on this action and give up an open corner three.


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