Golden State Warriors Elbow Flex Action

I am sure I have posted this play in the past but it is one of my favorites so I wanted to post it again! The Golden State Warriors went to this action in the 1st Half of Game 4 versus the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. This elbow set into a flex action is very popular in the NBA; Stan Van Gundy ran it religiously in Orlando.

While us coaches are all very familiar with the Flex, I have learned recently that many young players today are not familiar with how to run the play NOR guard it. In my opinion, if you have two great scorers on the floor, this is a very difficult action to guard. The defense has to respect the flex cut give up a lay-up. Then by pinning down on the screener, the defense must make a decision how to guard and if they over-react the big will be open slipping to the rim.


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