Texas Longhorns: Triple Stagger – Need 3

Last night I was surprised my remote batteries did not die; I needed about 4 more tv’s in my room flipping between UNC-Duke, Celtics-Bulls, and Texas-Iowa State among others. I love catching games that are close late to gain new perspectives and X & O’s of late game situations.

Texas was trailing Iowa State last night by 3 points with about 6 seconds to play and 2 timeouts. B Texas Head Coach Rick Barnes did something that I learned from Coach Donovan during my time at Florida. Rather than draw up a play to get the ball in and score 94 feet; draw up a play to get the ball past half-court and then call another timeout to draw up yet another action to score.

Coach Barnes had Texas get the ball in bounds quickly and once the ball reached their bench he called a quick timeout. As the camera’s panned to the Texas huddle I saw my good friend (Texas Assistant Coach) Rob Lanier drawing up a quick action to hit a 3 and force overtime. As the play began breaking down it seemed like Texas wasn’t going to get the ball in-bounds and all of a sudden one of their bigs flashed back to the ball as a release and quick pass back for a wide open 3! I am not sure if that is how the play was designed but if it was…it worked to perfection.

Texas moved on to win in overtime.

Tripple Stagger

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