Hawk 51 from the Chicago Bulls

Friday night while I watched the Bulls-Heat game I felt like it was Christmas morning. There were so many great things happening on the offensive and defensive ends by both teams. Unfortunately, I did not have my laptop with FastDraw on me so I decided to download a drawing app onto my iPad to draw up the plays so I would not forget. The app I chose is called Doodle Buddy…it will be a great go-to app to use until a FastDraw app is made available. I couldn’t figure out how to save the drawings so I just took screenshots (in case anyone wanted to know).

Now back to the play. The Bulls ran this action numerous times Friday night and get several different looks.

1. 2 came off the double screen for a catch & shoot jumper.
2. B 1 pulled up for a mid-range or got to the rim.
3. X5 got caught up guarding the screen and X3 and X4 got caught worrying about helping on the screen so 5 was open rolling to the rim.


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