Fort Myers Boot Camp 2012 Day 5 – Beach Workout

I apologize for the delay in posting the 5th and final day of our boot camp workout. This workouts was inspired by a lot of Seal Team training I have seen in various videos. Obviously I modified it and became creative with the tools that I had. This workout is designed into 4 different quarters to match the 4 quarters of a high school basketball game. As the workout progressed it incorporated more teamwork to complete each task.

I really wanted to make this workout extra special so we arrived at the Fort Myers Beach Pier at 6:15 AM. It was a pitch black, cool and windy morning. As the workout progressed the sun rose slowly and when it was finished, it was Sunrise!

Fort Myers Boot Camp Day 5
Beach WorkoutB

  1. Jog in Place- 3 minutes (Regular, Knees Out, Butt Kicks)
  2. Get Ups (Foot Fire-Bicycle Crunches) 4 minutes – Start in foot fire and in various intervals on my whistle they would get on their back and bicycle crunch (Repeat)
  3. Army Sand Crawls on Belly – 50 yards down and back
  4. Sand Relay Races (10 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, 40 yd, 50 yd) – Partner Up. Partner 1 runs to 10 yes and back, Partner 2 runs to 10 yds and back…repeat to 50 yds.
  5. Push-Ups: 20 (On my count up and down)


  1. Army Sand Crawls on BACK – 50 yards down and back
  2. Wheel-Barrow Race (10 yd, 20 yd, 30 yd, 40 yd, 50 yd) -B Partner Up. Partner 1 wheels to 10 yes and back, Partner 2 wheels to 10 yds and back…repeat to 50 yds.
  3. Leg throws (On back with partner) 1 Minute Each – 1 Partner on back and puts head between standing partners’ feet. Standing partner throws legs Left, Right, Middle and the partner on ground must not let them touch the sand.
  4. 1 Man Carry – Find Partner and Carry 50 yard line and back, Switch.
  5. Tunnel Crawls – Entire team lines up shoulder to shoulder in Downward Dog. The first player in line had to crawl through the entire tunnel and when he finished yelled “HOO RAH, RISE ABOVE” and became the last player in Downward Dog in the tunnel. That signaled the next player to army crawl the tunnel…repeat until every player crawled the tunnel. All Players In Downward Dog Had to Remain in Downward Dog the Entire Time. (This was really hard but also on of my favorite exercises!)


  1. Squat Jacks- 2 minutes
  2. Plank Holds to Chaturanga Holds – 10 seconds each for 1 minute
  3. Crab & Bear Crawl Races- 2 partners – Partner 1 crab crawled 50 yards and back, next partner crab crawls. Repeat with Bear Crawl.
  4. Squat Thrust then Slide (Cones lined up 10 yards apart for 50 yards – 10 squat thrusts, Slide to next cone, Repeat. Repeated for 50 yards down and back.
  5. 3 Man Carry – Groups of 3 – 2 Players had to carry the 3rd 50 yards and back. Repeat until all 3 players are carried.


  1. Up & Under Push-Ups (Under the Fence).- 1 minute
  2. Beach Relays – (2 teams) Start on Dunes and run to knee deep water, Run back. (We only went ankle deep because of sting rays).
  3. Team Carry/Lifts- (2 Teams) – Team Carries 1 player 50 yds, pushes player in air 10 times. Do this until all players are carried.
  4. Trust Fall in the Water with 2 of our Seniors.

Finished off the workout with a team breakfast of bagels, juice, and bananas. The camaraderie this workout created was off the charts! If you missed this video of the entire Fort Myers Boot Camp Week…check it out below!

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