Fort Myers Boot Camp 2012 Day 4 – Team Workout

On Day 4 of the Boot Camp, I wanted to incorporate some workouts that forced the players to work together to complete each section. Additionally, my good friend Andy Weigel, Alabama Crimson Tide Strength & Conditioning Coach gave me the great idea of using certain meaning for each exercise. So I came up with certain key terms for each section that would emphasize that team idea.

Thursday Team Workout


I really wanted to emphasize the importance of sacrificing yourself over the team. I have heard in the news and watched in several movies how soldiers in battle, when encountering grenades or explosive devices, will dive on the ordinance and sacrifice their lives for their entire unit. To simulate this sacrifice I had several tennis balls in my pocket. Throughout the entire day I would randomly throw 1, 2, or 3 tennis balls in various areas of the field and a player had to dive on each one sacrificing themselves for the team. When they dove on the ball they had to yell out, “Sacrificing My Self for the Team!!” and then do 20 push-ups.

TOGETHER: Relay Lock Race

The next component I wanted to reinforce is that you have to work together not only in basketball, but in life to accomplish your team goals. To do this I had every partner up and we did a Relay Lock Race. This is how it worked: Each partner stood back to interlocking their arms with one partner facing forward and one partner facing backward. On the whistle the set of partners will start moving to a set of cones 50 yards away; one partner moving still facing forward and one facing backward. Once they reached the cone they had to then come back; so now the partner who was moving backwards is now facing forward. Losers had 20 Push-Ups.

STRENGTH: Partner Push-Ups

Partner up, one partner starts on the ground in a push up position while his partner lines up perpendicularly in a pushup position with their hands positioned on their partners back (One near should blades and other had near mid/lower back). The partner on the ground does a push-up while the partner on top is in the “up” position. Once the bottom partner comes back up the top partner does his push-up. Repeat until each partner does 10 push-ups apiece. Then switch who is on ground and on top. Then repeat that circuit again but switch sides of the body the top partner is one; so if the top partner started on the right side of the bottom partner, move to the left.

TOUGHNESS: Up/Down Sprints

Using the 50 yard line distance, every player starts on their back (head facing the direction they are going to move). On the 1st whistle the must get up and start sprinting. On the 2nd whistle they must close-out to foot fire/quick feet. On the 3rd whistle start jumping up and down with arms in the air. On 5th whistle get back to the ground on your backs. Repeat this cycle up and down a total of 6 trips.

TRUST: Human Spring

The next component is Trust. In any good team everyone must trust each other and know they will always have their back. In the Human Spring exercise the same partners stand face to fact as close to each other as possible with the hands clasped together. On the whistle each player takes a step back. The goal is to see how far apart your partner set can get before you hit the ground. Trust and a very strong core are ESSENTIAL in this exercise. Losers had Lame Dogs down and back to the 50 yard line. (Lame Dogs= 1 legged bear crawls, switching legs on the way back)

The next two segments were combined and winner/losers got points to determine who won. 1st Place=3 points 2nd Place=2 points 3rd Place=1 point


Like all coaches, we want our players to compete in everything they do. In this segment I had the players put themselves into three groups. 50 yards away each group had a set of 3 cones lined up horizontally; each about 10 yards apart. Each line started with a 12 lb. medicine ball. Each player had to throw the ball backwards over their head until it rolled past the cones. They then had to finish sprinting to the cones and defensive slide to the left cone, across to the right cone, and back to the middle. They then had to fetch their ball and throw it back to the starting line backwards over their head. Repeat until every player completes the segment.


Keep the same three teams. On each team, divide them in half into shirts and skins; so each team is comprised of half shirts and half skins. Each team still has the 12 lb medicine ball. Each team had to get the ball to the 50 yard line and back without it touching the ground. However, there were a few rules. The SHIRTS were not allowed to touch the ball and the SKINS were the ONLY team who were allowed to touch the ball, BUT the SKINS could NOT touch the ground. If a SKIN was not touching the ball for more than 5 seconds or the ball dropped or a SKIN touched the ground they had to start over. This was a really fun exercise as it forced the teams to communicate and figure out how they would accomplish this task.

Once both segments were complete we tallied the points. The 3rd place team had a 50 yard sprint down and back, the 2nd place team had a just a 50 yard sprint down, and the 1st place team got to their water break first.


ADVERSITY: Walk/Jog/Sprint

The players had to walk to the 50 yard line, then job back to the starting line, then SPRINT back to the 50 yard line. Repeat this for 4 minutes, each players should complete 8 Total or more.

FAMILY: All Aboard

I went out and purchased 110 feet of rope and laid it out in a large circle. Every player had to get inside the rope. We had 47 players attending the workout that day so I started my “countdown” at 47. Every 2 seconds I would make the circle smaller and smaller and smaller. The goal was to see how small of a circle we could get before any player was “sacrificed” aka forced out of the circle. Our players did a great job figuring out how to get close and on top of each other. Once I got to 12 I could no make the circle any smaller.

For those 12 the entire group had to run 12 down and back sprints in under 15 seconds. For every run under 15 seconds I took one off and for every run over 15 seconds I added a run back.

This day wasn’t as challenging as the other days but the players loved it!

Stay tuned for Day 5 at the Beach!!

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