Fort Myers Boot Camp 2012 Day 3 – Pit Workout

Day Three of our Boot Camp was another 5:45 AM workout. We are very fortunate at Fort Myers High School as we have a secondary football practice field that includes a 30 yard long sand pit. During this workout I wanted to focus on strengthening the players’ movement and core strength.

Boot Camp Day 3 – Pit Workout

(5 Minute Warm-Up)
2 Groups – Groups Switch Ends Once Completed

Group 1 – Field (Parter Up)

1. 1-Arm Kettle Bell Snatches: 10 per arm (If you don’t have enough Kettles use weight plates) —-> Partner Does Overhead Medicine Ball Slams: 10 Total

2. Medicine Ball (or Plate Overhead Run): Each movement is done forward for 30 yards and then backward; then partner goes. 6 Patterns:
1) Straight Skips–>Ball Overhead Side to Side
2) Straight Skips–>Ball at Midline Hip to Hip
3) Banana (S) Skips–>Ball Overhead Side to Side
4) Banana (S) Skips–>Ball at Midline Hip to Hip
5) Karaoke–>Ball Overhead Side to Side
6) Karaoke–>Ball at Midline Hip to Hip

3. 4-Way Lunge Matrix with Medicine Ball- 3 Lunges per leg per direction = 48 Total Lunges
(For Example: Set 1= Ball overhead, Lunge Forward on Right Leg–>Lung Right on Right Leg–>Crossover Lunge on Right Leg–>Twist Back Lunge on Right Leg…
Repeat two more times and then repeat with Left Leg—Move onto to same progression Twisting the Ball left each Lunge. Repeat all steps with all movements)
1st=Ball Overhead
2nd=Twist Ball Left
3rd=Twist Ball Right
4th=Toe Reach (Touch toe with ball)

4.B Medicine Ball Partner Throws (10 Throws Per Player)——–>Tire Hammers (20 Hits Per Player)
-Split up the players so a group sledge hammers monster truck tires while rest of players do throws. Switch up the groups at tires as they finish.
1) Overhead Throws to Partner                      1) Side Hammers (10) / Top Hammers (10)
2) Hip to Chest Pass                                         2) Pike Push-Ups (Hands on Tires)
3) Back-Lunge Overhead Throws                  3) Side Hammers (10) / Top Hammers (10)


Group 2 – Sand Pit (Every move is done the length of the pit. Once player in front gets 1/4 down next player starts. **2 times each)
  1. Single Leg Hops (Down right leg coming back left leg)
  2. Double Leg Hops**
  3. Single Leg Angle Skips (Down right leg coming back left leg)
  4. Double Leg Long Hops**
  5. Tuck Jumps (FWD–>High Knees)**
  6. Plank Running–>Chaturanga Runs: 1 Minute Switching every 10 seconds (Mountain climbers)
  7. Defensive Slides–>Down & Back 2 at a time**
  8. High Knee Karaoke–>Down & Back 2 at a time**
  9. Long Skips (Down right leg coming back left leg)
  10. High Skips (Down right leg coming back left leg)
  11. Closeouts–> Slide to left side–>Slide to right side–>Slide to middle and backpedal out. (Close out 10 yards)
  12. Sprint Side–>Slide Across–>Backpedal diagonal–>Slide Across–>Sprint Out
  13. 90 Degree Ski Jumps–>180 Degree Ski Jumps

Team Competition Relay: Combining the whole team (We had three teams). Mix up some fun relay races…Below are two examples we used.

  1. Team Medicine Ball Rolls- Each player had to roll the ball 30 yards and back ONLY allowed to touch the top of the ball making it tougher to roll)
  2. Team Relay Race- Each player had to run 50 yards and back

If you have any questions let me know. Stay tuned for Day 4

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