120 in 2 Shooting Drill

This drill became a staple of practice when I was at the University of Florida. It is a great conditioner and allows you to get a ton of shots up in a small amount of time. The drill is very simple, throw 2 minutes on the clock.

Start: First three players in line only the middle guy as a ball, the second player on each wing also has a ball. The first three players 3 man weave down in only 3 passes (Middle guy gets lay-up).

The two wing players receive passes from the other two wing players (Option to shoot a 2 or 3 pointer). As soon as the lay-up goes in the middle guy who was waiting on the other end rebounds the ball and he and the two players who just passed take off in the other direction in another 3 man weave.

This is repeated for 2 minutes. The goal is to reach 120 points (Lay-ups=1, Jumper=2, 3 Pter=3). If they do not reach the goal put 2 minutes back up and keep doing the drill until the goal is reached.

Once your players reach this goal make it harder.


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