Today and tomorrow I will be attending my 10 year high school reunion for Titusville High School; so I found it only appropriate to post a play that I gave to my dad while I was playing for him.

As a young adolescent in high school, sometimes in church my mind would wonder and I would start drawing up basketball plays on the prayer concern cards…I have since asked for foregiveness :). One Sunday after church I showed my dad this play that is “Unstoppable”, he immediately fell in love with it and decided that we would put it in during one of our next practices.

Later that day he called me over and said, “Hey, there is a problem with your play…you put 6 guys on the court!”. I guess that is why I saw it as “unstoppable”. Irregardless, after some tweaking, my dad and I figured out a way it would work so we put it in during the next practice. Of course all of my teammates/friends wondered, Why the name 6? Needless to say they didn’t let me forget about this one for awhile.


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